Top 5 Reasons Why Custom Promotional Water Bottles are Best to Use

Custom Promotional Water Bottles are Best to Use

Reasons Why Custom ECO Friendly Promotional Drink Bottles are Best to Use?

It has been a while since you’ve decided to brand your company and explored multiple marketing strategies. Out of so many different marketing tools you must have opted for by now, custom promotional Eco-friendly water bottles will top it all off! Why?

Here are the 5 best reasons these custom personalised water bottles will get your customers hooked!

#1 Repeated Exposure to your Brand

Can you remember how many glasses of water you must have drunk yesterday? Maybe not exactly. Why? Because we do it so often, we don’t keep track of it!

Now, using the customized water bottles allow your customer to be close with your product and the fact that they are having repeated exposure to your brand, is a bonus.

Having your company imprint your logo in these custom water bottles allows you to brand yourself in multiple levels. You can also inscribe any kind of messages or tag line of your company. Using the same product multiple times a day, your customers are eyeing your information more often. And these water bottles can be used by a range of customers. As these bottles can be carried and taken anywhere, your brand is getting hype among new audience and attracting a larger number of clients.

Promotional water bottles

#2 Environmentally friendly

We know you care about your customers. But that won’t do it all. Caring about the environment is the next goal every company should adopt.

Choosing these products, you are conveying the message that your company does care about the environment. First off, promoting water bottles means you’re contributing to reducing the use of single-use plastic bottles. Second off, these custom promotional water bottles come in a range of eco- friendly products as they are made with reusable materials. And what’s best is these products can be recycled.

Using Eco-friendly products like water bottles, your goals are aligning with the 3-R principle of sustainability. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. To add to this, all the water bottles purchased from Chilli Promotions are 100% carbon offset at no extra cost to you.

custom promotional water bottles


#3 Multipurpose and variety

Water bottles are one among the most used daily items as everyone needs to drink water multiple times a day. They are used in office, schools, corporate events and sports activities. Based on the range of customers you target, you can employ this promotion strategy simply anywhere with these products. These bottles are pretty common among everyone, be it toddlers, school kids, employees in offices or attendees in events. They are also very dear to everyone who begins their day form simple stretching to those who work out in the gym to the athletes participating in sports activities.

The bottles come in all range of styles, size and colour. These can be glass water bottles, BPA free water bottles, metal, aluminium and stainless steel water bottles.

You can imprint your logo, messages, photo or any unique design in them. These can be the best options to gift your loved ones as simple gestures of love and affection, something to remind them every once in a while. These can also be used for a giveaway in sponsorships, fundraisers, charity events and parties as these events can the best opportunities for your advertisement.

#4 Long-Lasting

In contrast to the single-use plastic bottles, the customized water bottles are durable to a very large extent. You use bottled water, drink and toss the plastic bottle away. But with these water bottles, the fact that they can be reused put you an advantage. The same bottle can be refilled and taken anywhere as required. It would stay with your clients for longer period of time so more customers would prefer your product and they wouldn’t even know they’re getting inclined towards you as they carry your logo with them wherever they go.

#5 Accessible and Affordable

A lot many companies choose to employ huge and expensive products as their marketing tool. Now even though that is completely fine, when you think from your customer’s perspective, you’d like to provide them with something simple but more common and useful.

The personalised water bottles are among the most used products. First, because they are affordable and second because they are accessible. It does not even take a large amount of investment, to begin with. Your custom promotional Eco-friendly water bottles can be made ready in no time in any kind of style and design you like. And these are so very portable that they can be transported easily to any place without having to worry much about the damage.

With the greater affordability and accessibility of any product, any number of clients are bound to get attracted. As we all know, larger the number of customers you can attract, better it is for your company. So, using these products as your marketing tool provide you with greater visibility than other traditional business marketing models.