The current COVID-19 crisis is a difficult personal and professional challenge for us all. Times like this offer us the opportunity to show our support, care and compassion for one another. Custom branded hand sanitisers are a great way of promoting safe hygiene amongst your employees and customers.

At Chilli Promotions, we have seen a surge in demand for anti-bacterial products such as hand sanitizers and wipes. We’ve worked hard with our sourcing network to secure stock of promotional hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial wipes despite massive worldwide demand. We urge you to contact us asap to pre-order your requirements as we don’t expect these products to last long!

We have listed three options for you to get started. To find more information about stock availability, delivery date and branding options, please contact us here:

Promotional Hand Sanitisers custom branded with your logo

60 ml Hand Sanitiser


Custom Branded Hand Sanitisers: 60 ml

60ml alcohol based clear gel hand sanitiser with moisturiser and Vitamin E in Clear plastic squeeze bottle. Kills most germs and leaves hands feeling refreshed and clean. 62% alcohol content.

30 ml Hand Sanitiser Gel

Custom Branded Hand Sanitisers: 30 ml

 Gel hand sanitiser in a convenient tube with a no-mess flip cap and a carabiner clip. It has full ingredient information on the back of the tube.

60 ml Hand Sanitiser Tube

Custom Branded Hand Sanitisers: 60 ml hand santiser tube
Gel hand sanitiser in a stylish tube with a secure screw-on cap. It had full ingredient information on the back of the tub.