Ban on Single Use Plastics – what we can learn from global brands

Ban on Single Use Plastics – what we can learn from global brands

As the ban on single use plastic comes into force Australia wide, brands should be thinking about how they are going to transition to reusable options for customers and staff. While this may seem a time consuming and costly task, it can also present a valuable opportunity to stand out in the market and gain a competitive edge if done well.

Looking at global examples of successful reusable products reveals some inspiring initiatives. Take the hugely popular Starbucks brand, for example. They have promoted and marketed their commitment to environmentally friendly practices for years, including encouraging the use of reusable cups. Each Christmas season they are famous for their release of reusable – and a highly appealing collectable cup range. Each cup features a unique themed design, they are glitzy and glamourous, and the kind of product people want to keep and reuse. Last Christmas Starbucks went a step further and created miniature versions of their shiny cups to use as Christmas decorations.

“As you switch from single use plastic to longer term reusable options, consider how you can elevate your own branding by providing a product that stands out and is truly something people wish to purchase, use and collect. Then consider extra elements, like a gift with purchase. This will not only make your customers feel they are getting great value but will help ensure your brand stands out and is remembered for the long term.” Says Andy Galbally Sales & Marketing Director at Chilli Promotions.

If brands want to be on the front foot and lead with the ban on single use plastic, and would like help with generating some truly original ideas for your brand, contact the friendly team at Chilli. We have 21 years experience in delivering branded product solutions for global and national brands and are leaders in the industry for sustainable and ethically sourced products. We can help you with a tailored product solution that builds long term loyalty while also being better for the planet.

Andy Galbally is the Sales & Marketing Manager of Chilli Promotions proudly part of Conserv Brands.

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