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Branded Caps – The Universal Accessory

Big summer day ahead? Dad hat? Trucker cap? Baseball cap? Regardless of your mood, age or even the weather a cap is the number one go-to piece before heading out the door… especially if you’re after that extra bit of protection from whatever the day might throw at you!

What all styles really have in common is that they’re ready-made “moving billboards” just waiting for your logo to be tastefully presented and showcased as the wearer goes about their day.

Taking advantage of the upcoming warmer months and maximising a promotional cap’s branding opportunities is as simple as these 4 steps:


Step 1 – Choose your style of promotional caps


Simply select a style your ideal customer will identify with and be happy to wear consistently – you don’t want them to leave home without it!


Popular styles of branded promotional caps include:

“Dad” Hats-  An unstructured baseball hat with an adjustable snapback cap closure and six panels

Trucker Caps- Made from dual fabrics and sections. The front is polyester or cotton, usually, with foam padding- the rear is mesh for breathability

Visor Caps- Visor cap is a type of crownless headwear consisting simply of a visor or brim with a strap encircling the head


Step 2 – Pick your colour scheme for your branded caps


Besides style, choosing the right colour will entice them to reach for their new favourite headwear again and again. Colour options are vast so feel free to ask for assistance – we’d be happy to give you our recommendation.


Step 3 – Select your logo and position it for maximum exposure 


Here’s the really fun part. Now that you’ve chosen your canvas, let your logo and branding elements do the talking. Would a forward-facing logo give you the best look? Or maybe a key branding message on the back that everyone trailing behind can’t resist reading

Get creative! Throw us your ideas so our talented creative team can create some mock-ups for you to view before making your final decision on the promotional cap you want to go with.

Promotional Caps Colour Options

Step 4 – Select the Decoration Method 


Lastly, choose how you’d like your logo to be applied, be it by screen print, embroidery, digital transfer or another method. The best application method often depends on your cap’s material and what its intended use is – we are experts here and can readily advise you.

Promotional Caps Decoration Methods


Buy Custom Branded Promotional Caps in Australia

Now you are aware of how to choose the perfect promotional cap to reflect your brand personality, what style will you choose?

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