Must Try Eco Friendly Promo Products in Australia 2022

Eco Friendly Promo Products in Australia

You are starting a new business, and you’ve got to attract as many customers as possible. But since, marketing strategies have escalated to the next level, the secret to getting a massive promotion for your new company isn’t just to overspend but by adopting new creative ideas! Promotional merchandise holds a very crucial role to enhance the performance of every marketing medium you use.

Branded merchandise being the identification of your brand give quantifiable results. Promotional merchandise generally features a company logo, name, or message to lure potential clients. But, amidst the high competition among markets, even the promotional merchandise you’re featuring should have the power to increase the stack-ability and must appeal to targeted prospect. Thus, switch on to introducing eco-friendly promotional merchandise and start a sustainable practice!

Sustainable promotional products are made from all-natural materials and can be customised, like any other usual promotional merchandise branded with your company logo. Eco-friendly promotional products will not only do the promoting job of the company brand they are also environment and audience-friendly. And isn’t it such a unique and great idea!? Well, it is!

So, here we’ve listed five eco-friendly promotional products to give your company give a fresh green go!

1. Custom Made Eco-Bag

Whether you’re off for work or casually going out, you can’t leave home without carrying bags. You’ll need something to keep your belongings safe. Branding your company with custom made Eco-Bags is going to win the hearts of your clients. But bags are usually made of either synthetic plasticised materials and leather (poor animals!). But you don’t need to always stick with leather and plastic bags! There are various environment-friendly options out there, and by adopting this eco-friendly alternative as your promotional product, your company brand will inevitably surge the market values.

You can switch on to eco-friendly promotional products like reusable tote bags, cotton bags, and jute bags with the company’s logo printed. They will last longer than usual plastic bags and are also completely biodegradable.

Eco Friendly Promo Products

2. Personalised Eco Notebook

Custom notebooks have always been ideal promotional giveaways to promote the brand, but many of us are not aware of the fact that about 4 billion trees go to making paper every year. And we are all struggling to maintain the green atmosphere so; instead, we can always opt for a recycled notebook. This eco notebook is made out of completely recycled material like recycled paper, apple pulp, and other vegetable fibers which are further recycled into organic material, making this item environment and animal-friendly. The notebook would feature an eco-friendly cardboard cover imprinted with your logo. The company can always use this giveaway to serve as a reminder to respect the planet and ultimately promote the company in a brand way.

Eco Friendly Promo Products

3. Badges

One of the best corporate giveaway promotional products can be badges as well. They are not that costly as any other accessories and is a great way to increase recognition of your business as well. While they are also customizable at the same time, why not make it environment-friendly and choose the sustainable way?

Print any corporate logo on your own choice of the promotional badge which can be made of wood, bamboo, metal and other biodegradable, degradable material. Your logo will be seen every time you have printed badges pinned to your customers’ clothing. It’s easier than ever to add your logo, image, or message to your giveaways. Eco- badges are not only trendy, but they’re also fantastic, sustainable for trade shows, fairs, and conferences.

Eco Friendly Promo Products

4. Reusable Straw

Reusable straws with case printed with your company’s logo can be another best alternative promotional merchandise to raise the distinction of your company. With every sip of beverages through a customized reusable straw with your brand printed on the case, the company get recognized and eventually eliminate the need for a plastic straw. Well, isn’t that great idea!

Straws can be of metal or bamboo and you can style it with different colours and designs. Clients will love the reusable straw with the case, which is eco-friendly and great promotional product as well.

Eco Friendly Promo Products

#5 Recyclable Pen

Be it in offices, school, promotional events, or corporate launches; pens are perfect tools for marketing your brand. These are affordable, accessible, and have high visibility. But you would never know, the recycled pen writes as effortlessly as any other usual pens. Yes, bamboo pen and pen recycled from plastic water bottles can be a great promotional merchandise to raise the company’s recognition, while being beneficial to the environment.

Eco Friendly Promo Products

You can thereby improve the brand image by appealing to as many potential clients by switching to green, eco-friendly, sustainable promotional products!