15 Trending Promotional Merchandise in 2021

promotional merchandise

Did you know that promotional merchandise can be your next business card for your potential clients?

With the evolving cut-throat competition among businesses anywhere around Australia, what attracts and keeps your customers loyal is no longer just the quality of the products and services you provide. The marketing strategies have gone to the next level. And to keep up with your competitors, you’re going to have to play it smart. Among a number of promotional merchandise ideas to try this EOFY, we bring to you a list of 15 promotional products that are trending in the market.

#1 Pens

Custom made pens are popular everywhere! Be it in offices, promotional events or corporate launches, these pens are perfect tools for marketing your brand. These are affordable, accessible and have great visibility. You can use them to advertise your company’s logo, name or designs and they’re going to be used by everyone, be it kids, students, employees or your next potential clients!

#2 Pen Holders

What are your customers going to see in their table next to your custom made pens? Your very own personalized pen holders! As these can be used by everyone for quite a long time, they are going to be super effective. Among the durable promotional merchandises, your company would have to choose, pen holders will have a lasting impact on your clients.

#3 Eco Bags

Environmentally Friendly is the next trending marketing strategy in today’s business world. Caring about nature has become just as important as caring about customers. Branding your company with custom made Eco-Bags is definitely going to win the hearts of your clients. The ECO Bags come in a variety of styles and sizes. From tote bags to jute bags, using these merchandise as your promotional tool, not only are you being cost-effective but spreading the eco-friendly vibes as well.

#4 Eco Caps

Caps are cool and fashionable. They are perfect for any kind of fundraisers, charity events, sponsorship events or campaigns. But what’s even more stylish about Eco- Caps is that they are Environmentally friendly. As you use these products, you are indirectly letting your customers know your concern towards nature and that you care beyond business. And that’s the most interesting thing about marketing.

#5 Flash Drives

When a business card is exchanged, it is quite obvious for it to end up in your trash can the next morning but imagine getting a flash drive in its place. You wouldn’t want to throw it away now, would you? It is true that the flash drives are comparatively expensive compared to the other merchandise, but they are one of the most effective promotional tools you could have customized. Not only would your customers be impressed with such classy giveaways but they are actually going to be choosing your company next time they need any products. Because they’ve known that you care. And that’s all it takes for you to be their favourite service provider.

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#6 Scented Candles

Just as attracting new clients is important for your business, having your old customers hooked into your products and services is equally important. Gifting your customers with personalized scented candles every once in a while can have an amazing impact. These are one of the most classic gifts that are going to make your clients feel so special and you wouldn’t have to worry about them eyeing any other company’s products because your logo is very well customized into their favourite gifts!

#7 Business Card Holder

Gone are the days of giving away business cards. Your promotional strategy should opt for a long term advertisement for your company. While the cards might not last long, personalised business card holders definitely will. As other companies are handing out their cards leaving the customers with the easy option to keep it or throw it away, you are providing your customers with something they are going to keep for sure. And that leaves you a step further compare to your competitors.

#8 Badges

Badges are quite cool and are perceived fashionable by a large range of people. These are the best way to advertise, reward achievements, mark events and even show support to any cause. With your very own company’s badge, you can introduce the culture of awarding the best employee of the week or month. Badges can act as perfect promotional merchandise ideas in any charity events, fundraisers, and sponsorship events where there is a maximum flow of people.

#9 Laptop Bags

As laptops have become the essence in all our works, gifting your clients with something they’re going to carry along to their work, you’re increasing the visibility of your company. These bags can be customized with graphic designs and texts you would want to convey to your customers. They can also act as interesting branding products through your employees.

#10 Business and Conference Bags

Planning to organize an event and wondering how you can promote your business? The conference bags are the perfect giveaways to your clients during the seminars, trade shows or corporate events. These business and conference bags will go wherever your customers go! People will be using these bags for quite a long time and memorizing your brand customized in those bags.

#11 Reusable Coffee Cups

Statistics reveal that on an average, 3 out of 4 Australians drink coffee every day. 

So having custom made coffee cups will allow the logo, text or any kind of designs of your company visible to a larger number of clients every day. On top of that, choosing reusable ones, your customers have repeated exposure to your brand.

#12 Water Bottles

Water bottles are among the most used daily items. As these are multipurpose and can be used by anyone anywhere, these can be your best promotional merchandise. They can be personalized with any design or text you would want to add and you can easily use them as a promotional tool during your next corporate meetings with clients or sponsorship events or trade shows.

#13 Key Rings

What is the next thing we all carry next to our cell phones and wallet as we leave home? Keys!  As these keys are always with us, how about we make the best use of the key rings? Customizing these merchandise is the most effective to brand your company’s advertisement. They are cheap to make and easy to distribute. Who can deny something as useful as key rings?

#14 Holders and Binders

Every one of us needs something to tame the crazy bundle of documents and papers. Having cute and classy holders and binders will keep your employees happy and in addition, you get to make sure these are eyed constantly. The holders are binders can be creative promotional merchandise for your company that is in budget and come in a range of styles and types.

#15 Stress Balls

Switching from one job to next, with barely a moment to pause and relax, we are all under the spell of a hectic schedule. Further, before we know it, stress cripples into our system and this lowers our efficiency. So how do we let go of it? Squeezing something as simple as stress balls! These are getting quite popular among the workers and employees in any offices. You know you can’t unburden your employees work but you can definitely help relieve their stress. Your very own custom made stress balls will leave your customer as well as clients happy and motivated. With this small gesture, they’ll see that you care, and you’ll be amazed at the efficiency with which they will work! Your ball will score double points, no doubt!

Hence, as you choose to use these promotional merchandises for the promotion of your company, you can rest assured that your business/brand will be noticed. The ball is in your court!