Totes Amaze – Custom Branded Tote Bags in Australia

Custom branded tote bags

The use of promotional products and promotional item dates back to 1789, where commemorative buttons were produced to mark the election of George Washington. While the years have certainly changed with the choice of promotional products on offer, to this day they still remain some of the biggest marketing tools used by companies around the globe.

Custom branded tote bags” may not be the most wow! Or unique promotional product, but they are one of the most popular. Why? Because they work. Consumers engage when gifted with something practical and useful; they are thankful and are more likely to remember the ‘giver’.

Top Three “Custom branded tote bags” Tips

1) Brand Visibility – How many times have you used a tote bag in the past 12 months? How about the last month? These handy bags are perfect for carrying essential items for work or study and even for shopping at the supermarket. Unlike other promo items, custom branded tote bags will be used regularly, over and over again.

Because tote bags are constantly being used by consumers, when they are branded, your message spreads allowing maximum brand exposure. Each time your customers decide to use your customised tote bag, they are passively displaying your logo. The broad reach of this medium is subtle and cost-effective, reaching tens, hundreds, or even thousands of consumers that you might not otherwise be able to engage with.

2) Choice – One of the biggest advantages of tote bags is the choice. The variety is huge! Ranging in size, colours, and fabrics. Just for fun, practical or eco-friendly. No matter what type of customers you are appealing to, there is a bag that will fit their specific needs and tastes. Whether you’re providing quality items for the corporate sector or offering bags for charity events, these bags are never boring and always aim to please.

3) Cost-Effective – Whilst there is the option to achieve a great product with limited budgets, tote bags need not be low quality ‘cheap’ options. Tote bags offer customers a high-quality product at a low price. This means almost any business, large or small, successful or just starting out, can afford to provide customers with a bag they will use.

Now that you know tote bags offer an effective way to raise the profile of your brand, consider how and what would work for your next event or campaign? Tote bags are the perfect giveaway for trade shows, conventions, and fundraisers. Don’t let the ideas stop there either! Your bag has the room to carry additional items, so fill them up with extra gifts such as lanyards, promotional pens, free samples, or other promotional goodies.