Special Memory – Custom Branded Promotional USB Drives in Australia

Custom Branded USB Drives in Australia

Branded USB memory sticks or simply custom USB drives are incredibly popular and offer a range of choices but there are a few golden rules to remember when deciding on what is best for your brand? Use our recommendations below as your USB checklist.

Quality Memory

Consider that some memory quality is far inferior to others, and whilst the price per is cheap, take caution, the memory may be also. The memory aspect is the most important element! As this will dictate the capacity, speed and life expectancy of the device. So try not to jump at the best discounted drive on offer, check the grade of the memory and avoid any devices with grades lower than a “B”. Reliability and performance should hold out over cost.

Your Compliance

RoHS is short for Restriction of Hazardous Substances, any devices without this certification carry a risk when imported, so check for the RoHS tick of compliance with your supplier. Also, if the environmental aspects of your giveaways is critical to your brand check for the WEEE directive, devices without this compliance have to adhere to a pre-treatment prior to disposal. So if ethical recycling is important, ensure your USB meets the criteria for WEEE certification.

Optimise Your Brand

Be clear and concise about what you need to print on the USB. The main reason being; you will be limited on space! Keep it clean and simple, with no complicated, long-winded blurbs or images. Strong, clean images and colours result in a good visual impact, even if you have to adapt your existing logo to accommodate this.
If you need to adhere to branding guidelines remember there is now a popular model option where the main body of the USB can be pantone matched, with the swing cover also pantone matched. The end result is fantastic as the flash drive looks like a custom made device specifically designed for your company.

Perfectly Printed

Print technology has moved on leaps and bounds recently, allowing for high impact results for your devices. Metal devices can be laser engraved which provides a professional looking option that lasts longer and looks expensive. Speak to your supplier about the different print technologies available for your device.

Consider the Capacity

Don’t skimp on the memory size: cost of course will be a determining factor but it is important to achieve the right balance. A USB stick with little or no practical capacity will just end up in the back of a drawer, unused. Ensure your device is used and really think about what capacity is best for your target audience.

Adding Your Data

If you decide to pre-load data then get onto it early. Adding data at the manufacturing process is now a possibility for just a few extra cents per stick. This will save you hours and hours of stress trying to load data in-house or if you have the data professionally loaded post-manufacture.

Presentation Options

If your memory stick is simply a giveaway, presentation boxes or lanyards may not be worth considering, but there is little doubt that a good quality presentation box or tin along with a branded lanyard will raise the profile of your end product. If you really want to go to town; add your logo to the gift box and embroider the lanyard.

Plan Your Promo

Leaving any promotional item to the last minute only limits your options in terms of branding, colours and added extras. Ideally a minimum of 14 days allows enough time to investigate your options and prepare any data and graphics. Also remember, that all memory is produced overseas and this will reflect in your production times; so always give yourself enough time to achieve the best end result.

Suppliers Only

Get testimonials, check their credentials and make sure they are a registered company with Quality Control processes and warranty policies in place. There are far too many people operating ‘side of desk’ particularly offering branded USB drives. Take the time to research your supplier, if they cut the mustard it will reflect in the service they offer.