Promotional Water Bottles: Which One is Right for Your Brand?

Promotional Water Bottles

You might have been aware that Chilli Promotions offers over 23,000 promotional items. What you might not have known is that there are over 50 different drink bottles and what promotional water bottles exactly to use.

I expect your reaction to be: “That’s a lot of drink bottles”.

The first choice you’ll have to make is what type of water bottle will be best suited for your giveaway? What quantity are you needing, is there a budget in mind? Below are short descriptions of and uses for the different general styles of water bottles we carry.

Stainless steel doesn’t have to be boring.

Four Promotional Water Bottles you can choose from

Metal Water Bottles

This category includes both aluminium and stainless steel bottles. While you could argue that one material is better than another, they both have the same level of appeal when it comes to being a promotional item. Since these reusable bottles have the longest shelf life, they are best used to promote companies or brands as a whole and not specific events. The downside is that if dropped, they can dent or hurt if thrown!

Great uses: General promotion, anniversaries, grand openings.


Plastic Sport Bottle

The least expensive option of all the promotional water bottles, these bottles are nice and flexible and all have easy openings to get water quickly. Plastic bottles are wonderful for special events, especially if they are for a charitable cause. Sport bottles, however, can start to warp if hot liquid is placed inside of them. [Note: I don’t know why you would put hot liquid in a water bottle, but stranger things have happened in the world.]

Not all plastics are alike – HDPE & LDPE High and low density – LDPE tends to be softer and therefore more squeezable. Then there are the foldable drink bottles with a clip – Great for giveaways and schools.

Great uses: Company picnics, fundraiser walks, special events.

Polycarbonate & Tritan Bottles

Not all polycarbonate bottles feature a screw off lid, but most do. Polycarbonate is plastic, but it is harder and inflexible, unlike the sports bottles. These bottles are ideal if they are going to be in the middle of the action, as they don’t shatter, dent, or puncture from normal use. They are the ideal bottle for athletic events. Both Tritan and polycarbonate are shattered, stain, and odour resistant.

Great uses: Fitness events, athletic teams, resells as fan merchandise, tradeshow giveaways.


The dual wall insulation in most of our flasks means that it can keep water warm or cold for 12 to 24 hours. Flasks come in lots of bright, fun colours. These are perfect for using in school, travel, working or other outdoor places.

Great uses: Employee rewards, resells for fundraising, general promotion.

Still, need some help? As always, our customer service representatives are standing by to help you pick out the perfect promotional water bottles for your next giveaway or promotion.

Have you used water bottles as giveaways before?

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