Promotional Hand Sanitisers: What you need to know before you order

promotional hand sanitisers

Promotional Hand Sanitisers FAQ

According to April 2020 Capgemini report on the Consumer and COVID-19, 77% of consumers will be more cautious about cleanliness, health and safety after the pandemic. This provides brands with a unique caring brand opportunity.  

At Chilli Promotions, we have seen a surge in demand for anti-bacterial products such as hand sanitizers and wipes. We’ve worked hard with our sourcing network to secure stock of promotional hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial wipes despite massive worldwide demand.  We have a wide selection of size and style to choose from.

In this post, we are trying to provide answers to all the questions you might have about custom branded hand sanitisers. However, if there are other questions, please let us know.


How effective is hand sanitiser?

Simply put, very. Washing our hands with soap and warm water remains a key endeavour in maintaining cleanliness. Soap and water rid our hands of oils that can harbour harmful microbes. Numerous hand washes can leave your hands dry for this reason. Sanitisers, however, are effective in killing the germs themselves whilst minimising skin dehydration.

It’s important a sanitiser contains at least 75% alcohol to maximise effectiveness. Keeping our phones and other daily use items clean with sanitising wipes & sprays also goes a long way towards remaining infection-free.


What does TGA compliant mean?

Products that are TGA compliant adhere to the Australian safety standards outlined by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Key requirements include the use of purified water and minimum alcohol levels. We diligently uphold such standards in our supply of hand sanitiser in its numerous forms and quantities offered via our website or account manager inquiry. The rear label on all of our sanitiser products has a summary listing of ingredients and safety protocol.


Can I order unbranded sanitiser in bulk?

Absolutely! We are glad to offer many sizes and dispensary options, all of which are available in bulk order. Please contact us if you wish to secure your sanitiser ahead of the crowd as we look towards the forthcoming post lockdown future.


Can I use this as a branding opportunity?

Yes, and what an opportunity it is. Custom labels are available in numerous print options to assure your clients and customers that your brand and place of business is welcoming, adaptable, and compliant with regulations.


What’s the turnaround time for hand sanitiser?

Our stocks are continually being replenished to keep up with ever-increasing demand. Depending on whether your preference for generic or custom labelling, your order can be dispatched within 24 hours of confirmation. Allow 2-5working days for custom labelling, depending on size and quantity of labels required.


Best Promotional Hand Sanitisers for my place of business?

Our sanitiser offerings range from 30ml pocket-sized bottles to 100 and 500ml pump bottles. Also available are hands-free sanitiser dispensing stands for high traffic locations. These stands are both efficient and eco-friendly due to their use of a refill system, reducing plastic bottle waste. 

Australian made sanitisers are also increasingly available and preferred by many customers due to quick turnaround and the need to support our economy during this time.


Promotional Hand Sanitizers

If you are looking for promotional hand sanitisers or unbranded hand sanitisers, we are happy to help. View our full collection of custom hand sanitisers here!

Contact our friendly team at Chilli Promotions to inquire about sanitiser or any of our other Health & Hygiene products; and most importantly, stay safe!