Promotional Gifts For Work From Home Employees

Promotional Gifts For WFH

Here you are!  12.30 pm on a Wednesday..likely semi-horizontal with your laptop screen tilted for maximum visibility as you type emails with one hand and grasp your beverage of choice with the other. Despite the comfort, we’re enjoying from within our cosy robe the world around us is more precariously positioned than that hot drink. But fear not for your brand.

While we collectively remain productive from our lounge rooms, waiting for life to return to normal, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best work from home promotional product ideas to enhance daily life whilst keeping your brand prominent!

10 Best Work From Home Employee Gifts and Corporate Gift Packs

  1. Notebook

    A change of workplace location, no matter how familiar we are with our dining-room table, can throw off our train of thought.  When working from home, having a fresh notebook at the ready is essential. Whether scribbling potential new client details or simply jotting down your revolutionary ideas, a notebook is the perfect promotional product to present to your staff and clients.

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  2. Reusable Coffee Mug

    No greater comfort can be found than by a coffee mug filled to the brim with your favourite tea, hot chocolate and the like. Not only does the beverage taste fantastic and the mug warms your hands, but a custom branded coffee cup allows you the opportunity to get as creative as you like with your branding.

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  3. Portable Charger

    Anything worse than sitting uncomfortably so your charger can reach your laptop while you work? Nope, we couldn’t think of anything more annoying either. A portable charger offers maximum branding space while serving as a lifeline to the lucky recipient as they type away from the most comfortable position they can find.

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  4. Yoga Mat

    In times like these, we all endeavour to keep a clear head. Sitting, stretching, or just laying on a yoga mat is a great way to introduce some calm into your new daily routine. Offer your clients and employees the opportunity to relax at their own leisure on a plush surface featuring your brand’s colourways.

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  5. Chocolate

    Did somebody say crowd-pleaser? Maintaining a connection with the people you care about professionally can be difficult when self-isolating. Go a step beyond the copy-and-paste email and send out some custom chocolates with a shape and ”nurture” message completely tailored to your brand.

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  6. Drink Bottles

    When you find a rhythm of productivity and genius in the late morning, staying hydrated often falls to the back of our minds. Offer your clients a friendly reminder to take care of themselves by being as innovative with the bottle design as you dare!

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  7. Sanitisers

    Never before has hygiene been more widely promoted and vital. Lob up a serve of dutiful thoughtfulness to your client base and help them finish the slam dunk of cleanliness and self-care

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  8. Skipping Ropes

    After exhausting your mind from a day of enormous production and output it’s important to get your heart rate up for a few minutes. A skipping rope is a familiar instrument of exercise that encourages clarity of thought, physical wellbeing and offers an excellent branding opportunity

  9. Webcam Cover

    I’m sure you’ve seen it on your YouTube feed; an unsuspecting worker still adapting to their new office and work attire forgetting to turn their laptop camera off during a business meeting. Oh dear… Ensure this isn’t your contemporaries by offering them an always well-received webcam cover!
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  10. Hoodie

    As it approaches 2:00 pm and you’re feeling slightly guilty about still enjoying your robe, there exists no better afternoon alternative than a hoodie. Acceptable to be seen late in the day, utilise its limitless branding opportunities while offering its unparalleled comfort.

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These products are just the start. If you are looking for something different that aligns with your brand and fit your budget, please get in touch with us. Our in house promotional products experts will help curate the perfect work from home promotional products for you.