Deliver to Clients What They’ve Really Been Missing (A Reason to Remember You!)

Deliver to Client

Sick of talking about 2024? Yeah, so are we…

Before we erase the tape from our memories though, it’s important to remember that after the seismic shift in client-relations-management you experienced throughout last year you’re actually now used to the way things have been.  The same goes for your clients and colleagues.

Being separated, isolated, not touching each other upon greeting and hiding facial expressions behind masks has resulted in your being unable to really connect and leave somebody with something to remember you and your brand by. And we’re accustomed to that. That is, until you feel an enthusiastic handshake or see the warm smile of a favourite client again and you remember what it’s like to have a reason to remember somebody after an interaction.

Similarly, your clients are looking forward to having something to remember you by. Your handshake and smile give them reason to remember why they enjoy working with you, so next time you’re re-engaging with clients or meeting new ones give them a reason to remember your brand.


promotional productFor this, a well-chosen promotional product is proven to leave a lasting impression with 9 out of 10 recipients demonstrating brand recall by virtue of the product they were given.

Further, 41% of promotional products are kept for between 1-5 years by the consumer, meaning your brand remains a part of the consumer’s personal space long after you’ve introduced yourself, wielded your charm, and left.


So, before you make that next introduction speak with our team at Chilli Promotions to make the best product selection for your company and keep your brand top-of-mind for longer.