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Top Summer Promotional Product Picks for 2024

Another year, another false start for our Australian summer. The cooler December-January period has meant our beaches remain less crowded (at least maintaining the low Covid-19 transmission levels we’ve all worked so hard for!), but fear not! It’s tennis season which means only one thing…it’s about to get hot!

As we look to capitalise on a fresh new year, take some time to catch up with your favourite people on those beach days you’ve missed for the past 10 months. It’s summer, and you’ve earned it.

To help you enjoy our most highly-anticipated season Down Under, we’ve compiled some summer promotional products that’ll brighten up your day and keep you and your clients comfortable while getting back to that golden-brown tone you missed so much during lockdown.

Hot Summer Promotional Products

Here are Some of the Best Promotional Products for Summer 2024

  1. Zinc Stick
  2. Bucket Hat
  3. Cooler Bag
  4. Infuser Drink Bottle
  5. Beach Towel

#1 Zinc Stick

Lip Balm with Corporate Logo

Staying protected from our sun all day long can be a hassle. Has my sunscreen faded yet? What does the bottle say? Did I take a dip too soon after applying?

Make sure of your being sun-smart while remaining colour coordinated with a coloured zinc stick. Plus, no one will take you seriously as a beach cricketer without coloured lips!

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#2 Bucket Hat

Branded Promotional Bucket Hat

“They used to be in when I was a youngster,” your uncle told you at the family BBQ the last time you wore a bucket hat. Times have changed again, Unc! The bucket hat is now more frequently sighted during Milan’s fashion week or on a Riva speedboat than it is during a game of backyard cricket, yet it remains a staple of the Australian summer no matter how many fashion houses try to steal the look.

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#3 Cooler Bag

Branded Promotional Cooler Bag

You’ve made the trip down to the beach, and now you’re parched before you’ve even hit the water (how’s the temperature, you may ask? The same as it’s always been: cold when you get in, and nice after a minute or so!)

Regardless, now you’re relaxed and ready for a drink. Lucky you brought a selection! Thanks to the cooler bag, they’re still cold, too…
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#4 Infuser Drink Bottle

Branded Promotional Infuser Drink Bottle

We’re going to hazard a guess and say that you’re over plain water, but you refuse to spend the egregious asking price for a bottle of vitamin water. Right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Whether spicing up your own hydration routine or tricking the kids into taking in some more vitamins, mix and match your own fruity flavours with an infusion bottle this summer.

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#5 Beach Towel

Branded Promotional Beach Towel

So, you’ve had a dip in the water and bowled your best friend’s partner out in beach-cricket just the way you had hoped to while daydreaming in the car ride to the beach. Beverage selected, sun protection applied, and now for a bit of me time.

Doze in and out of a summertime nap on your new favourite towel. Here, allow us…

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Make your mark on this summer by branding your favourite summer essentials!

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