20 Promotional Products for Best Corporate Giveaways

20 Promotional Products for Best Corporate Giveaways

We at Chilli Promotions are here to help you with the Promotional Products for Best Corporate Giveaways and you can present to your clients or even your colleagues and leave them delighted. These giveaways are the best ideas to provide astonishing promotional items for different marketing purpose like for trade show or at conferences to give the promotional corporate giveaway.

Every organisation has its list of clients that it wants to retain and impress for a long term relation. These companies even have customised promotional merchandise to giveaway focusing on different occasions. But corporate houses tend to forget that corporate gifts should be thoughtful and original rather than just carrying the brand identity. People appreciate a gift that is given to them with thoughtfulness and originality rather than being provided with brand overrated objects.

Corporate gifts are the best type of promotional products to increase brand awareness for different companies. There are varieties of promotional products that can be effectively used for promotions like non woven bags, tote bags, calico bags.

20 Best types of Promotional Product Ideas for Corporate Giveaway ideas

#1 Reusable coffee cups

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Australians are fond of coffee. Missing a cup of coffee in the morning would anyway ruin the whole day. What better way to remind your client of your brand each morning with custom made reusable coffee cups. Each sip of the daily booster through the reusable coffee cups would not just help your clients and your colleagues kick start their day, it would help to strike their mind with your brand every day leaving you and the planet happy!!!

#2 Water bottles

Promotional Drink Bottles

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We constantly lose water daily through urine and sweat and are dehydrated easily as the day precedes. To keep our body hydrated, we need to drink at least 2 litres of water every day. Water apart from keeping you hydrated, also helps you to lose weight and keeps your skin perfect. Hence, gifting a water bottle would prove you to be a very thoughtful company who not just promotes the brand for better customer service but also mean it.

#3 Laptop bags and sleeves

Promotional laptop bags

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Laptops or tablets are a basic need of any person nowadays. These electronics require much care and handling them with safety is a must. What other better way could there be to impress your client by gifting them a laptop bag that can organise all their electronic accessories in a stylish manner and getting rid of those heavy backpacks?

#4 Luggage tags

promotional luggage tag

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Yet another accessory that can carry higher visibility of your brand. These customised luggage tags accompanying your clients are to be seen everywhere they wander. These are stylish and catches anyone’s vision easily.

#5 Picture frames

Magnetic Photo Frame

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Memories made are to be stored and safely kept for reminders of the best times. Gift your clients these picture frames to still the memories they lived. This stylish, sleek designed and modern photo frames will not just safeguard their memories but will also liven up any workspace reminding them of you.

#6 Umbrellas

Promotional Corporate Merchandise Umbrellas

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These are the props that you will ask for any season. It also helps in higher visibility of your brand. We offer from normal umbrellas to smart umbrellas that would help you impress your clients without a doubt. In a century of smartness, why not gift your clients our smart umbrellas and keep them going with the flow and for you adding value to the brand.

#7 Pen gift set

Corporate Giveways - Pens Set

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Pens have always been prioritised when thinking of a corporate gift. We still stick to the same as they easily hit anyone’s mind when corporate gifts are asked. Pens put in a set along with any other accessory that can be gifted to any level of clients are the best way for your clients to look stylish and classy.

#8 Notebook

Corporate gifts Notebooks

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Unique designs of each notebook we offer will help your clients use the best paper quality to jot down their important tasks or information. Notebooks made out of recycled paper to lined cream papers are one of our suggested corporate gifts for your clients. These notebooks will help them look professional on your client’s desk.

#9 Notebook cover

Stay smart stay trendy with our “in case of loss” notice reliable travel companion notebook covers. These notebooks are professional looking cardboard bound covers that add an executive class to your clients.

#10 Passport sleeve

Passport Sleeve

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For the frequent commuters, these metallic layers protected to shield your passports and chip-based cards from those intrusive RFID radio waves. These are the best organizers for those who travel frequently. These customised sleeves can carry your brand wherever your client goes.

#11 Keyring and badges

Promotional Pen Keyring

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This fun accessorised keyring and badges can be yet another good way of promoting your brand through your clients. Useful in various different ways these are also listed under our best sellers when it comes to corporate gift options.

#12 Power banks

Omni Wireless Power Bank

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Electronics are somethings that make your trendy time and again. Help your clients stop searching those ports to connect and chargers by gifting them these cool trendy power banks. Your brand’s identity marked these power banks also carry high visibility of your brand.

#13 Smartwatches

In an era where smart comes in tag with everything, your high-end corporate clients would love to receive something that is everything in it. From keeping fit to managing everything through a click on your wrist, these smartwatches will not just carry your brand value but will also retain your important clients on your list.

#14 Bags

Origin Produce Bags

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Bags come handy anywhere anytime. Be shopping, surfing, picnics or even carrying extra shoes to work, we offer bags that meet any situation. These are other high visibility promotional tools and handy enough to be presented to your clients of any age group.

#15 Cosmetic bags

Trying to impress your lady clients??? Who would not be impressed upon receiving a cosmetic bag that organizes all their favorite stuff in a small and no space taking bags? These bags will not just impress your lady clients, but will also help them organize their stuff in a proper way. Customising these bags would surely carry your brand identity in an elegant way like the ladies carry themselves.

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#16 Calendars

Promotional Calendar for corporate gifts

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Corporate and calendars go hand in hand. Desk, wall or even small pocket calendars, any company needs to customise their calendars and is a must for business promotion. Theme based calendars marked with your company logo are a beautiful way to embrace your corporate identity amongst your clients and also potential clients.

#17 Headphones

Promotional Headphones

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A very thoughtful gift for your clients. Headphones come handy for people while working out, waiting for the train, walking in the park or even while relaxing in a quiet afternoon. These high-quality headphones would without a doubt impress your clients.

#18 USB Flash Drives




Corporate Giveaways: USB Flash Drives

Different varieties of USB Flash Drives

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Something that is very handy and can store a lot of things, USB flash drives are yet another perfect corporate giveaway for your clients who are always tangled up with reports, images, and files. Customise these drives in any way you want and present it to your clients for major visibility of your brand.

#19 Calculators

Corporate Giveaways- Calculators

Corporate Giveaways- Calculators

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We offer different kinds of calculators that can surely add value to your clients and modernise his\her desk. Our sleek and modern designed calculators are a unique way to impress your clients. Novel and unique design these calculators can be a giveaway for any kind of clients.

#20 Clocks

Corporate Giveaways: Promotional Clocks

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Clocks are decent giveaways that carry the higher-visibility of your brand. Placed in your client’s office, these modern design clocks help your clients keep track of time. In the same line, it will also carry your brand logo in a very visible manner.