Logo Rock

Item No. 37361


Customised Logo/Picture Rock – Up to 3 colours on the outside of the lolly (striped) or one main bolour with pinstripes. Dark colour is recommended for script (black is best). Each 10kg batch can only be one flavour: Raspberry, Mango, Lemon, Strawberry, Strawberry & Cream, Lime, Orange, Apple, Passionfruit, Blueberry, Watermelon, Lemonade, Peppermint, Aniseed, Chocolate, Rose, Ginger, Hazelnut, Lavender. Colours include: Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, Brown, Black, White, Burgandy, Silver (colours can be any shade).


  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow