Filofax Classic

Item No. 36015


Chocolate. Cool, classy with more than a hint of panache. Utterly charming and reliable. Material Effortlessly stylish, these beautiful FILOFAX Italian leather personal organisers have quartered styling and stitch detail. Width 200mm, height 235mm. Design Features Ring Mechanism Size: FILOFAX six rings of 25mm Left: Six horizontal credit card pockets, diskette pocket, CD pocket with full length pocket behind. Pen loop Right: Notepad pocket and pen loop. Fill Transparent flyleaf Week on two page, five language (column format) Ruler-page marker Six blank tab index-plain cream, writeable tabs To do, five language Meetings Planner (English) Bank Account, five language Personal expenses, five language Day Planner (English) Blue Ruled Notepaper White Ruled Notepaper Salmon Ruled Notepaper Addresses, five language A-Z two letter Index-plain cream tabs Business Card Holder White Ruled Notepad


  • Chocolate


  • Width 200mm