Billboard with 20g Rock Candy

Item No. 63276


Billboard Card with 20g Personalised Rock Candy bag stapled to card250gsm Paper StockFull Colour/ Double side print Min order is 10kg of Personalised Rock Candy. Orders required in lots of 10kg10kg = x500, 20g bags20kg = x1000, 20g bags30kg = x1500, 20g bags20g is Approx 6 pieces of candy Colour of Rock Candy: Confectionery is made to order. All colours can be attempted, PMS Colours can be used as a guide only. Flavours: Most popular flavours are: Raspberry, Strawberry, Watermelon, Orange, Passionfruit, Lemon/Lime, Apple & Peppermint. Many additional flavours are available.Logo in Rock Candy: Many Logo can be reproduced in Rock Candy, confirmation on siting Logo. Text in Rock Candy: Maximum of 16 characters. CAPITAL LETTERS are best to use.NOTE: COLOURS & FLAVOURS CAN BE SELECTED



    • 85mmH x 65mmW