As we are adapting to the uncertain and changing world of COVID-19, we can be confident that some of our behaviours will change forever. Social distancing and strong personal hygiene practices are both now a fabric of our lives and to a degree will be into the future regardless of whether COVID-19 has been eradicated or not.

To help businesses and communities adapt to these changing behaviours, we have come up with a Stay Safe Range! 

Our touch-free sanitisers dispensers, strategically positioned throughout a business environment, will ensure customers and visitors can frequently cleanse their hands with antibacterial touch free spray. 

Further, you can promote safe hygiene amongst your customers and employees with products such as promotional hand sanitisers, masks, antibacterial wipes and gloves. 

We have also just launched our new Uni:ty Collective, a collection of WFH Wellness Care Kits for employees and clients who are currently navigating their way around the changing landscape of working from home. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Stay Safe Promotional Products Range