Gosford NSW

Promotional Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cups


Small coastal cities of Australia, in their numerousness, are often overlooked for various reasons. One amongst many, Gosford NSW too is ill-considered despite its cultural bounty by all except locals. The Central Coast Council rightly acknowledged the tragedy in this vast oversight and enlisted the help of us at Chilli Promotions to cultivate and execute their plan to promote all that is worth seeing in Gosford. We thoughtfully selected photographs of significant and appealing locations scattered throughout Gosford and wrapped, in full-colour glory, around a series of 10 collectible, reusable coffee cups. This idea is one that promoted sustainability in a town whose wastage likely has detrimental effects on the local sea-dwellers who also call Gosford home while showcasing deserving elements of the city.  


Local photographer John Morgan captured the essence of 10 of the worthiest artistic expressions, architectural feats and landmarks which capture the spirit of the coastal town. These photographs were then printed – in high quality to convey their visual message – around the limited-edition coffee cups. A map of the location was also included, as is demonstrated by the renderings and photos attached, to assist in guiding locals and tourists to their favourite spots.


The campaign resulted in great success for the Central Coast Council, receiving positive feedback on social media sites, as well as all 10 series cups selling out over the duration of the campaign. What’s more than its physical and monetary successes, the cups revived the city’s appreciation of itself regarding its residents and tourists. The key objective was to increase the “exposure” of the landmarks which contribute to Gosford’s unique personality, and we managed to achieve this. If you want us to help you come up with some fresh ideas like this for your next promotional campaign, please feel free to contact us.  

Thank you, Gosford Council. Your great ideas and community activities are helping turn Gosford around. As a local resident I am thrilled to see Gosford lose its ghost town image of the past. Keep the ideas and involvement coming!” and “I love my cups! Thank you

Local Resident

(Local, Gosford Council)