Bayer Australia

Bayer Australia


Chilli Promotions worked with Bayer Australia in 2016 to develop a promotional product that would educate, drive sales and position the Advocate cat range as No.1 in Australia. Education was the key to successfully driving any ROI and growth.


We developed the 3 tier babushka doll set in the form of cats, to replicate lungworm and how it physically presented itself once inside an animal. The materials used for the lungworm were crucial to demonstrating the transparency and how it curls inside it’s host. The doll set also served as a tool to highlight the importance of lungworm to vets, pet store staff and veterinary nurses, demonstrating the technical aspects of lungworm in cats and its transmission and life cycle in an engaging and interesting way.


As a result, Advocate cat grew by 10% in value and for the first time ever became the market leader against its competitor Revolution.