Grappa Bamboo Folding Table

Item No. 62519


Your customers or giftees will be the envy of fellow picnickers when they take out this custom cheeseboard and outdoor set. Great for the beach, or a local park, this stunning foldable board transforms into a cheese and wine table set for 2. What’s more, is that each board folds down with an easy-carry handle and hidden magnets for storing knives which are included. This personalised gift or promotional item is crafted using premium Bamboo, each with its own contrasting patterns and straight grains. So, no two personalised cheeseboards are ever the same. Each product is also packaged in a minimalistic kraft sleeve which your customers will adore. Product features. Made from biodegradable bamboo. Durable – stronger than steel, bamboo chopping boards survive even the most overzealous chopper. Naturally anti-bacterial – bamboo is resistant to bacteria whilst simultaneously being resistant to food odours. Multi-use – can be used to hold food and drinks. Its lightweight, making it easy to carry. Foldable design for easy storage. We can laser engrave however please note no two products will have the same outcome. We encourage Food Grade Ink, which is FDA approved. Product Details. Dimensions: 250mm W x 220 mm L x 230mm H. Material: 100% bamboo. Packaging: Kraft Sleeve. Product care. Bamboo is commonly referred to as a "wonder" material, and its characteristics make it difficult for liquids to absorb, making cleaning a breeze. Simply hand wash with soapy water and you’re good to go. All chopping boards are wrapped in recycled kraft paper to protect their surface during transit. You can either recycle or compost the kraft paper after receiving the product.


  • Natural


  • 250mm W x 220 mm L x 230mm H