Calculating emission impact

Annually we undergo a business audit to assess our business impact and quantify the number of credits we need to purchase in order to maintain our business’ carbon neutral status. This covers:

• Fuel consumption
• Electricity
• Travel
• Assets
• Expenses
• Waste

Monthly we calculate missions produced by the products we supply based on a complex set of formulas inclusive of all facets of:

• Raw materials going into the product
• Transport distance to manufacturing plan
• Manufacturing processes and waste outputs
• Final product packaging
• Transport and delivery to final destination

This is entered into a custom built online calculator which derives a per product emissions generated calculation, which we then purchase credits to offset the impact and ensure carbon neutrality.

The credits purchased go towards carbon reduction programs such as biomass renewable energy project in India, cleaner burning climate-friendly cooking stoves in Cambodia, renewable wind energy projects in China, or water purification projects in Africa; because we believe in making a difference in the communities in which we operate.


Product Emissions Impact Assessment